Friday, 10 July 2020

Zakir Diary - Thadhiginathom: Part 7

Locks Dance in Unison

"Thandalai mayilgal aada, thaamarai vilakkam thaanga,
kondalgal muzavin Enga, kuvalai kan viziththu nokka,
thenthirai ezini kaatta, thembizi makarayaazin
vandugal inidhu paada, marudham veetrirukkum maadho"

wrote poet Kamban describing the dance of nature in Marudam land - one of the five species of lands in Tamil literature.

Roughly translated it means:
'While the Peacocks dance in the cool gardens on the shores of the pond; Lotus flowers hold their heads up high like lamps; thunder from the clouds play the drums; dark blue lilies watch as with admiring eyes of an audience; the gentle ripples on the pond part as the curtains; bees sing like the sweet sound of the fish-shaped lute, Lady Marudam was seated in her throne!'

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