Sunday 19 July 2020

Profile - Infusing intellect and intent into dance: Moving Stories and Touching Tales - Dr. Sujatha Maringanti

As the entire humanity is marching to the tune of a microbe, with life being the only negotiation to make, songs and stories are all humans can turn to. And the stories abound - of prayers and preaching, of fear and fate. Here is a story about unassuming individuals, who use their art and intent to usher in a positive, powerful, sustained and silent revolution in a world torn apart by hatred and conflict. A major axis around which the story revolves is the staggering 45-year dance career of Jonathan Hollander, the artistic director of Battery Dance Company with its mission - 'artistic excellence and social relevance.'

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  1. It's an enlightening profile on Jonathan Hollander's meaningful work and encompassing philosophy. Erasing the borders, synergistic creative endeavors are the need of the hour.. It is time for all creative people of the world to move in the direction of common good and at the least, to go less vehemently in self-glorification in art practice..