Thursday 23 July 2020

Zakir Diary - Thadhiginathom: Part 16

Darkening clouds, impending rain

'Rain' - It is nature's gift to earth and is non-discriminating in its nature. It may gain or diminish in status once it falls on the earth. Its nature may change depending on its use. But rain itself does not have those disquiets or urgencies. As far as Tamil language is concerned, rain is always the 'good rain' - nalla mazhai. If it pours indiscriminately, it is 'heavy rain' - adai mazhai. There is no such term as 'bad rain' - ketta mazhai - in Tamil. Even though it is the ocean that gathers in the clouds, it has to fall back on earth for life to flourish. 'Silappathikaram' invokes the rain as god by singing, 'maamazhai potruthum' - praise the great rain. Andal sings 'maamuththa nidhi soriyum maamugilkaal' comparing rain drops to great pearls and praising them as the earth's greatest wealth. Therefore, the rain falls for everyone. And it is equivalent to wealth. Poet Vairamuthu asks in a song not to shut the door and wave the black flag in protest when the rain comes. The rain is for everyone....

Four to five days must have passed since I started learning dance. My attendance at Bilal Hotel went from bad to worse. They asked me politely to stay at home.

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