Wednesday 18 December 2013

Obit / Tribute - Pt. Sundaralal Gangani - Ashish Mohan Khokar

Pt. Guru Sundaralal Gangani passed away on auspicious kartik poornima, on December 17, 2013, in his home town of Baroda. Scion of Jaipur Gharana, he was brother to Guru Kundanlal Gangani. Between them, they trained scores of Kathak dancers in Baroda, Delhi, USA. Anjani Ambegaonkar, Dharamsiji Shah, Shovana Narayan, Prerana Shrimali, Rajendra Gangani, sons Harish and Jagdish Gangani are some of their serious disciples. They have trained many more.

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Saturday 14 December 2013

Article - Felicitations to Swapnasundari and Janardhanan - V.P. Dhananjayan

When I was the convener of the Natya Kala Conference in 1995- 96, Krishna Gana Sabha audience gave the best lecture demonstration merit award to both Swapnasundari and A. Janardhanan. After that, it has taken all these years for them to be elevated to Nritya Choodamani and Acharya Choodamani. My hearty congratulations to both of them. 

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Friday 6 December 2013

Ancient traditions, Modern banis - Ashish Mohan Khokar

Continuing on theme and subject of banis (thanks to spin-off of Alarmel Valli’s Oct. focus on her own bani, of which she is a worthy representative) I bring to you two artistes – Aniruddha Knight, grandson of the great Bala and Murali Mohan Kalva, grand student of Sunderlal Gangani. Aniruddha represents the Bala bani (Balamma, in figure of speech, left the Tanjore bani - to which she was born - far behind and even surpassed it) and Murali Mohan Kalva has taken the Jaipur gharana far ahead. 

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