Thursday, 16 July 2020

Zakir Diary - Thadhiginathom: Part 13

To see a peacock sway

Music - It moves and guides every living being, not just the human beings. Music is the exhibition of emotions. The spur for music is many like love, valour, anger, joy. Science tells us that music is the resonance of waves in the air. And this resonance is different for every being. Even among the human race, each and every group of people has a different resonance. Music evolved when humans diverged and formed different races among themselves. Music cannot be categorized into 'good music' and 'bad music'. What we enjoy as soothing music may seem irritating to someone else. The reason for this is the difference in resonance.

Madras Music Season is the exposition of a unique culture on the world stage. It is an endeavor of a community that understands classical music and wants to demonstrate that knowledge. The event is a confluence of music as well as poets and artistes who speak many tongues. Though there are many disparities along the caste and religious lines, this festival binds people together with the concept of 'art', and propels the audience to a different magical universe at least for the two-hour period a concert lasts. Together with one's appreciation for music, it's an agent that gently strokes tender feelings within. Here too is a working class that labours like the cinema industry where many struggle to overcome class boundaries and inequalities. Madras Music Season is the fruit of the combined effort of everyone - from those who sweep the floors of the theatres to those who fill it with their music.

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