Wednesday 8 July 2020

Zakir Diary - Thadhiginathom: Part 5

Here comes the Goddess!

There comes a moment in every person's life when they encounter an event and realize 'this is what I've been seeking all my life'. Once that realization sets in, a new seeking begins within to find the reason why. On that day, I met the Goddess of Dance, whom I realize now I had been seeking all along. I awaited her without realizing that from that moment on, she would determine how the rest of my life's journey unfolded.

The first to emerge from the train was Mr. Visweswaran - with a slender build, six feet of height, and a complexion akin to that of a North Indian trader. We took the elegantly designed maroon and dark blue coloured suitcases from his hands and greeted him. I have never seen such suitcases in Salem before. Maybe they did exist in Salem but I did not know anyone who actually owned those. Many of my relatives had travelled to Arab countries for work. They would return with humongous suitcases that were big enough to fit a person in. When opened, they would reveal Panasonic and Phillips tape recorders, sarees taken from India and rebranded as Arab sarees, strong perfumes that never wore off the clothing once sprayed until the piece of clothing itself disintegrated, and great amounts of dates that the Arabs themselves discarded as not fit for eating. Those suitcases, packed airtight, were the ones I was used to. But these suitcases looked so elegant they must have been purchased in some Western country for a high price. Finally, after all the suitcases had been unloaded, Chitra madam emerged.

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