Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Anita says...July 2020

We dance...
to breathe, to bring the soul to the fore, to be free
to remember, to experience, to imagine, to connect, to share
to include all and leave none, to travel together, to persevere
to lift each other's spirit, to realise possibilities, to transcend boundaries
to inhabit spaces beyond the body, to manifest the extraordinary
to stand in the present and reach out to the future, to conjure the unknown
to be proud in our bodies, to coalesce all parts of our being into one
to wear eyes and ears all over our bodies, to welcome all colours and sounds
to reach the centre from the periphery
We dance to feel alive!
Stand up for dance! Stand up for all!

- Jayachandran Palazhy (Founder, Artistic Director, Attakkalari)

Another month passes. Touch is out. Distancing is in. Tempers run rampant. Patience runs thin. The body passes into numbness, no matter how hard we try to find a rhythm and a routine. Television is a cannibal, feeding on carcasses of dead ideas. In small cozy WhatsApp groups, the elite discuss "serious" issues and weigh in on life and death matters while sipping a "garam chai", filter coffee or a chilled Chardonnay - with coordinated designer masks of course!

How much longer can we continue to hope that things will resume as they were for the live arts? How fervently can we pray for the world to resume its chaotic but recognizable patterns? How many more appeals can we encounter without withering into cynical ennui? For those of us who have donated, supported, purchased and encouraged performers, crafts persons, weavers and creative people across all spectrums, the endless litany of woes does not seem to have a finish line.

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  1. Fascinating reading. Did not know about the serialising of Aakir Hussains story - where is this posted.

  2. Fascinating reading. Did not know about the serialising of Aakir Hussains story - where is this posted.

  3. Many asked me the same question about Costume for ghazal that I performedrecently on Instagram...well. it was just to give that special touch to that beautiful Ghazal..The entire music team..lyricist..composer..singer..also my friend who translated this song to me...all are from there(pakistan)..just felt much more connected to the song wearing this beautiful Black costume..Black is beautiful too😊. Regarding getting inspiration from movies like Umrao jaan - No doubt I loved those movies. But it is this particular Ghazal tune and Fardia Khannums voice that inspired me in this case.