Tuesday 9 July 2019

Prism - Krishna or Godot? - Ileana Citaristi

(Note: This article was written after the first East West Dance Encounter held at Tata Theatre, Mumbai, organized by Max Mueller Bhavan and NCPA in January 1984 and published in NCPA Quarterly Journal, June 1984, Mumbai).

During the evenings of the East-West Dance Encounter (It took place from 22nd to 29th January 1984) on the stage the gap was striking; the Eastern dancer all dressed up, ornamented and protected, the Western one naked, exposed, vulnerable.. The latter with wide-open eyes expressed uncertainty, anguish, desperation in relation to the unknown; the former, with devoted and submissive eyes, expressed a longing for her beloved.

Krishna or Godot? Is the yellow-robed one with the smiling face and inviting flute in his hands, the target? Or is the unshaped and indefinite aim of our existence to be evoked? In both cases, body, space, energy, directions, music were used. The emphasis was different. Here the face, there the legs; here bright colours, there black; here the beat, there the off-beat; here the expected, there the unexpected.

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