Sunday 21 July 2019

Prachi Hota in Odissi impresses - Footloose and fancy free with Dr.Sunil Kothari

Young and personable Prachi Hota has been trained in Odissi by late Guru Harekrushna Behera from her very childhood, when she was barely three. She continued to study under him for more than nine years, in between studying also from his daughter Kavita Dwibedi. Over the years she also studied under Aruna Mohanty, and occasionally under Kum Kum Mohanty. Currently she is continuing her studies under Y. Ashakumari. 

The fare she offered was varied as she has studied under various gurus. The opening Mangalacharan was choreographed by Aruna Mohanty. In praise of Lord Shiva, the well known Sanskrit prayer Nagendra Haraya explored the five elements, with multiple forms of the god as Ardhanarishwara, placing one palm on half of the face and later on other side. With such subtle touches, Vashishth Kumbhodbhavaya, Yakshaswarupaya, Digambaraya, evoking the forms with hastabhinaya and sculpturesque poses, she succeeded in performing with ease and cultivated practice for years. 

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