Thursday 4 July 2019

Article - Freezing Performance - Art of Avinash Pasricha - Dr. Navina Jafa

Performing Arts photography in India has assumed a place of its own. The image in a photograph and its interpretation assumes an independent life. This article is a critique of the art of the well-known artist Avinash Pasricha based on a few selected photographs on dance and music. Among other arts, the performing arts are most temporal - the moment you perform or nuance is born, that very moment it dies. Intriguing is the manner that the performance acquires a new life in another art form - photography. Pasricha's large number of images of dance and music as 'performed' comprise of a large number of Indian dancers and musicians. His body of work spans several decades. 

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  1. MR Pasricha , India's wellknown verstile photographer's capability to shoot has nicely been projected in the article.