Wednesday 10 July 2019

An unusual Kathak performance by Ishwari Deshpande - Footloose and fancy free with Dr.Sunil Kothari

In August 2013, when Guru Mohan Rao Kallianpurkar's centenary celebrations were held at Pune by Prerana Deshpande's Nrityadham and Shama Bhate's Naad Roop Kathak institutions, Prerana Deshpande had performed in Chitramala composed by Mohan Rao. In Ganga Jamuna section, Ishwari Deshpande, 16, (daughter of Prerana and tabla vadak Supreet Deshpande) in the centre had executed the taal with such confidence and brilliance that the celebrated musician Satyasheel Deshpande had spontaneously said: "Wah, she is like AK47 Rifle!"

That sweet 16, now 22, has turned into a mature Kathak exponent. Her recital on 29th June at Shakuntala Jagannath Auditorium, under the aegis of Nrityadham, was proof of her maturity and growth as brilliant dancer. Everything is going good for petite, charming Ishwari. From the age of three, she has been brought up in an atmosphere where round the clock there was dance and music. Her mother Prerana, a disciple of late legendary pioneer in Kathak in Pune, Rohini Bhate, groomed her from very childhood. Father Supreet Deshpande, an ace tabla vadak, son of the celebrated Kiran Deshpande, provided all facilities for her training. Being a daughter of parents who are artistes of a very high standard, Kathak is in the genes of Ishwari. Her own deep interest has helped her bloom into a fine dancer.

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