Sunday 10 April 2022

Stylization par excellence - The Eastern Eye: Column by Dr.Utpal K Banerjee

Rasa-Bala-Buddhi, presented on March 20, as part of their Natyadharmi Utsav 2022, by Chidakasha Kalalaya, was an adaptation of Saugandhika Haranam (a favourite of Koodiyattam and Kathakali). It was the maiden dramatic direction by Kalalaya's principal student Sayak Mitra working on Natya Shastra. Additionally, Sayak's Shivadashani Scholarship under Inlac in 2021 enabled him to train in two different surviving ancient theatre art forms: Ankiya Nat of Assam and Chakyar Koothu of Kerala. In both, his focus was on Sutradhaari (storytelling). Sayak dazzled with his all-round concept and visualization by developing the one-act play as a fully blown dance drama performed in several zones of the theatre space, with a narrative style for telling a tale within a tale. As a curtain raiser, Hanumana is seen in an elevated zone as an old, decrepit monkey reminiscing on his past to two glove puppets (coloured in the style of pacha characters), who enthusiastically respond and keep playing gleefully with his long dangling tail. In another zone, the Pandava queen witnesses the Saugandhika blossoms being caressed by her dancing companions in the windswept space and seemingly floating by. Soon from the back, Bhima leaps forward into yet a third zone, gallivanting about his mighty mace and physical prowess, showing an instance or two!

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