Saturday 9 April 2022

For the Meerabai-s of Dance there is No Prescribing, No Proscribing: Dance is India's unfettered soul - Soch: Column by Dr. Arshiya Sethi

When I set out to write this piece it had a definite but narrow focus. Its focus was prohibiting dance, even certain kind of dance and about rebarbative relationships among dance and patron communities. But within days, the matter spread to a larger issue. I would use a colloquial Hindi phrase 'raita phailana' to describe what happened. An attempt has been made in this column to include all the new developments as well because this column sees itself as one that compels us to apply 'soch' to contemporary issues. It is a long read but a very important one. I hope the reader will realise its import and stay till the end.

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