Tuesday 5 April 2022

Book Review - Abhinaya Darpanam: Mudra-s: single hand gestures - Sharmila Rao

SERIES: Abhinaya Darpanam

TITLE: Mudra-s: single hand gestures
AUTHOR: Dr. Pranitha J Kamat (kamat.pranitha@gmail.com), Dr. Anita Vallabh
YEAR: 2021
PUBLISHER: Vedathek Publishing House, Bangalore, India
ISBN: 978- 81-9535-732-1

This review is for the book titled 'Mudra-s: Single Hand Gestures' from the 'Abhinaya Darpanam' series by Natya Chittra.

"Mudra-s: Single Hand Gestures" is a children's book that introduces children to Indian dance gestures. The basis for this activity book was Anita Vallabh's 'Message in movements: Abhinaya Darpanam, an illustrated translation.' The author Dr. Pranitha Kamat wants to stimulate children's creativity with the coloring pages and illustrations of the meaning of each gesture. It is important to her that children can discover and understand the book independently, without having to rely on instructions from adults or a dance teacher.

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