Friday 1 April 2022

Anita says...April 2022

Hello dance world!
I am trying to be upbeat and positive about our lives, our colleagues, our art and our eco system. But there are too many forces and events around us that are creating questions and diversions that cannot be ignored or brushed aside.

I have always said that dance and politics are converging. That the two worlds are coming closer together and that we as a creative community must take cognizance of. No longer can we hide behind tradition, repertoire and memories. This month I have chosen to focus on matters that are affecting us all, in ways that may or may not have an immediate impact on our lives but are certainly affecting the way we create, share, converse and engage with our families, friends and the public.

Having shared my thoughts once a month for almost 20 years has given me an optic of the dance world both inside India and abroad. 55 years after my arangetram, I think writing what I think and feel does not need the permission or sanction of others. I acknowledge the enormous power and privilege that creating and managing this portal has given me and hope that my thoughts and words are read as personal views of a mature global artiste.

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  1. Drop of a hat Kerala Janata go on strike /hartal and what not. Strange, none happened at the humiliation of a well known artist like Neena Prasad. Kerala, the GOD'S OWN LAND - BUT DEVILS' WORKSHOP - indeed.

    1. It is most unfortunate that the most literate state is turning intolerant

  2. The picture is very disturbing. Classical dance has thrived through the changing times and should not be confined to the religious faith of individuals.

  3. GURUDEV TAGORE SAID "Education without character is body without HEAD". Literacy does not mean having good human traits. Our education system do not focus on character building and that is the reason for intolerance , what could be done to reverse the situation ?? I wonder !! God save the HIS own land.

  4. Just an FYI,
    I continue to check your newletter as always
    Francis Barboza told me he is not a priest.

  5. It's always a brilliant read that you write from all facets. Being a creative artist with wishful thinking shapes many followers to be elitely conscious.

  6. Deep & loud contemplation as well as voice out. It does spark thoughts at multi levels.