Thursday, 6 January 2022

Unmute - Don't just see, but also hear the child who dances - Dr. Arshiya Sethi

Almost 6 months ago I was invited to do a prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) training, online, by a dance school. It had many below 18-year-old students. In the course of the training, I referred to the POCSO laws and was surprised by the fact that not one in the group was aware of these laws, although more than 50% of the school's students were under 18 years in age. I realised that this was a big lacuna. We always talk about catching them young in the arts since the process of artistic training is long drawn, but we seemed clueless about a mandatory law about protecting young people, or our responsibilities as adults, under it. That moment, which I have carried since, and which has only been reinforced by the many conversations I have had with the staff and founders of other dance schools, makes this column a critical addition to the discourse we have created around Arts and the Law.

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