Tuesday, 11 January 2022

TITLE: Shastriya Nrityakaaron se Antrang Samwaad

(An intimate discussion with classical dance exponents)
AUTHOR: Shashi Prabha Tiwari
YEAR: 2021
PAGES: 382
PUBLISHER: Remadhav Art, New Delhi, India

Shashi Prabha Tiwari in her preface sets the tone of the book by blending the concepts of dance and spirituality. She discusses the similarities between a dancer and a 'yogi' (a spiritually evolved person); the aim of both is to attain oneness with the cosmic presence. She terms dance as 'Dharma Sadhana' (duty and meditation) and as a holistic art. She stresses the importance of connection between dance, music and instrumentation in experiencing the zenith. In this book she has made an attempt to talk to Indian classical dance exponents from different decades and has given a glimpse of their personal journey as a dancer. This book captures an 'Intimate Discussion' with 52 classical dance exponents from different Indian classical dance forms such as Kathak (n = 20), Bharatanatyam (n = 13); Kuchipudi (n = 4), Odissi (n = 6), Mohiniyattam (n=4) and Sattriya (n=5).

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