Thursday, 1 July 2021

Anita says...July 2021


A meeting of two, eye to eye, face to face
And when you are near I will tear your eyes out
And place them instead of mine,
And you will tear my eyes out
And place them instead of yours,
Then I will look at me with mine
- Jacob L Moreno, American psychiatrist and founder of psychodrama

And so 6 months pass by
With the monotony and sameness of clouds, a sleepy moth, a sluggish snail.
Hours, days and weeks pass by...
Those with routines have a semblance of order.
For most. It is a big never ending muddle.
And the eternal wait... for what?

Another lockdown? The THIRD WAVE? Opening up. Fear. Confusion. To go out or not? Heightened melodrama. Disturbed sleep. Curious dreams.

There have been so many small spurts of initiatives, premieres - the joyful shout of glee as dancers step onto stages in many cities across the world. Their sigh of gratitude for having people watching them live instead of trapped inside ZOOM squares.

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