Monday, 1 February 2021

Anita says...February 2021

 Are we in February already?

The days continue to whirl by and the blur of the hours passing seem almost like a monotonous hum. How long can we continue to pretend that dance and the breathing, dancing body can find a hybrid space via the digital platform?

Meanwhile, there has been quite a ferment in politics and art.
As the Capitol building was stormed in Washington DC by white supremacists, India's national flag was dishonoured by a group of protesting farmers on Republic Day.

Rumbles in Andhra land as Kuchipudi dancers resist attempts to prevent their paid recordings from being used for online performances.

Collaborations across communities in 20th century Tamilnadu occurred even during the seismic events of the independence struggle. An occasional series begins this month.

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  1. Adyar Lakshman sir told me he was of a Saurashtra clan. I have heard him speak to his relatives and that was not Thanjavur Marathi. do check with his wife Shantha or brother Gopinath.

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