Monday, 16 May 2016

The Sunil Kothari Column - A unique workshop by Dr. Anita Ratnam

Titled Muscle Memory, Dr. Anita Ratnam’s workshop during Natya Vriksha’s two day World Dance Day celebrations on Sunday the 1st May in the morning at India International Centre’s auditorium saw the young dancers crowding the stage and also the Delhi audience on a Sunday morning, which was quite heartening. Two days earlier in Pune she had conducted workshop with Pune based dancers and had won critical acclaim.
The dancers were not only from Natya Vriksha but also from other dance academies, all ready to take the workshop. Since it was on the stage, Anita suggested that some groups work in the aisles facing the stage. Dressed in pink top and comfortable black dhoti like costume, Anita warmed up all with her explanation of what is muscle memory - the day to day action, the observation of routine gestures, and the way we stand, and how dance practice retains memory through muscles. Where the standing posture is wrong, what happens to the back, to half seated position ardha mandali, to entire body and posture were explained with demonstration. The participants started warming up and followed what Anita suggested.

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