Sunday 1 May 2016

Anita says...May 2016

"The ghosts of our future are unpredictable and out of control."
- Poet Wendy Rose

Hello Dance World! What’s APP-ening!

The loudest shout I hear is - MAY DAY! MAY DAY! MAY DAY!

May 1st. A day which traditionally celebrates the final thawing of snow and the advent of flowers, warmer weather and softening hearts, the ritual MAYPOLE dance (resembling the Pinnal Kolattam of Tamils), the term is also used for rescue and relief efforts. Judging by the recent outrage and furor over the national awards given to two Kuchipudi artistes, it would seem that the classical style from pre-divided Andhra Pradesh is now in dire danger. Or as one critic put it pithily on his personal Facebook page, “Kuchipudi is in ICU!” 

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    Gullapudi Raman Kumari