Friday, 13 May 2016

Book Review - An Indian Analysis of Aesthetics: The Dance, the Dancer and the Spectator by Madhavi Puranam - Nita Vidyarthi

The book ‘An Indian Analysis of Aesthetics: The Dance, the Dancer and The Spectator’ is a scholarly attempt and inspirational insight into the world of aesthetics primarily in the traditional Indian classical context. The author has placed philosophy, psychology, for that matter emotions and sensations lying therein and perception of beauty of other civilizations and countries alongside at the beginning (Chapter 2) of the seven chapters with a rich bibliography and an explicable glossary at the end. This makes for comfortable reading of the otherwise heavy subject.  The preface is the appropriate foreground to manifest the critical mind of the author and the treatment of the subject subsequently and so it goes to show that the author is necessarily and knowingly both the writer and the reader. This is articulated in Chapter 1 “Enquiry”- the proof of the question is in the answer.

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