Thursday, 12 May 2016

Article - The curiosity deficit - Shrinidhi Narasimhan

Being a young dancer in India can be very unsettling. And being a classical dancer, while we’re at it, is an even more profoundly disconcerting experience. Why, you ask? Because it feels like speaking a language that no one understands, and worse, no one seems to want to understand. This insularity is effected, I think, by a fundamental lack of curiosity about the arts, particularly the performing arts - and it accounts for a huge chunk of the issue.
To begin with, the arts are of little meaningful interest to those who are not directly connected to the field in some way - school/college students, working professionals, government officials, journalists, leaders, administrators, institutions and organizations - you name it.

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  1. Very correct, and aptly put across.great to know youngsters can take moments to sit ,analyze and draw their opinions. Kudos to you.