Wednesday 5 July 2023

Bharat Prem Katha: Love stories of 8 epic women - Dancing on Air: Column by Kathakali Jana

Building upon the three pillars of dance, process, practice and performance, Odissi dancer-choreographer Sharmila Biswas has devised a series of online classes on Bharat Prem Katha to be taught over one year.

"Getting into the skin of 8 women from the epics, and understanding their love stories have been possible because of the intense online study we did last year, on Nayika Bhed - some of my favourite dancers and I. They have motivated me to choreograph" Bharat Prem Katha
- Sharmila Biswas

Choreographed by Sharmila Biswas, the music composition and vocals are by Srijan Chatterjee.

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