Saturday 1 July 2023

Anita says...July 2023

 We are children of our age,

It's a political age.
All day long, all through the night,
All affairs - yours, ours, theirs -
Are political affairs.
Whether you like it or not,
Your genes have a political past,
Your skin, a political cast,
Your eyes, a political slant.
Whatever you say reverberates,
Whatever you don't say speaks for itself.
So either way, you're talking politics.
Even when you take to the woods,
You're taking political steps
On political grounds...

An excerpt from CHILDREN OF THE AGE
By Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska

To say "goodbye" with the flamboyance of a magician
To bid "adieu" with the flair of a showman
To wave "farewell" with the bravado of a warrior

........the stars have to align for that final moment. No matter what your vision board might contain or how many motivational messages you have stuck all over your rooms and your car.
The stars did align and shine - for Akram Khan... for 25 years without a break.

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  1. THANK YOU Anita ji for inspiring us to dream big for the world dance... Having an international dance artiste complete his solo dance career at the India... was special... Honoured and overwhelmed by all the support that we have received from AKC as well as dance lovers across the country for this ...

    It is because of generous and passionate artistes like yourself who had came to the NCPA to support the event that we are able to present and keep going ...More power to you...Regards 🙏