Sunday 5 February 2023

Tribute - K Vishwanath: A Trailblazer - Ranee Kumar

The sun has set on aesthetic cinema in south India with the demise of ace director Kasinadhuni Vishwanath. He was one-of-a-kind film director who worked his way up by sheer dint of merit in a highly commercial and competitive world of Telugu (south Indian) film field. He used cinema as a vehicle to propagate performing arts. Unlike earlier filmmakers who adapted classical dance and music to suit a film audience, K. Vishwanath introduced the movie-goers to traditional classical arts in their purest form. It was a bold and risky step as Telugu audience was used to cheer at gyrations in the name of dance and light song sequences - risky in the sense of vagaries at the box-office in case an experimental film failed to garner audience which meant collections at the ticket counter. Afterall, cinema production was business in right earnest. He was a bold director who jettisoned the run-of-the-mill romance and sob stories of social movies and challenged the conditioned environs of middle-class morals, caste bias then (1960s-2010). He also 'created' artistes as he gave them their first break in challenging roles. So sure of his expertise was he, that any actor - new or experienced - delivered the goods like never before in his/her career!

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  1. Wonderful article Ranee Kumar. Wish to contact you - Dr Swarnabala Ganti, or satishkolluri -