Thursday 23 February 2023

Obit/Tribute - Two gurus and an obit: Gurus Jitendra Maharaj and Kanak Rele - Ashish Mohan Khokar

Two eighty year olds die within few days of each other. One a Kathak guru, another a Mohiniattam one. One in Delhi and one in Mumbai. Their initials also follow each  other: J...K. Gurus Jitendra Maharaj and Kanak Rele - Feb 18 then 22 of the year ‘23.

What do they represent? They represent among the last of that generation value system when dance was first, not the dancer. When material was more important than men and women in power. When books were written and read, not just Facebook. When serving dance was serving God. When awards were deserved, not got or bought! When students were valued not devalued. When art was above the individual. When individual became an institution. When an institution became a temple. When temple was made of soul, not a hall of gold. She made Kanak Sabha, he made Sangeetika. She created hundreds of students, he made one pair equal to a hundred.

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