Friday, 20 May 2022

Profile - Kalakshetra Vilasini - Shashtyabdapoorthy in teaching Bharatanatyam - RLV Suma Raj Menon

A large number of Bharatanatyam artistes and teachers in Kerala are grateful to the veteran Bharatanatyam natyacharya Kalakshetra Vilasini who has successfully completed sixty years of her meritorious service in the field of teaching Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam in Kerala. Every artiste and teacher, including this writer, who benefited under her tutelage will also be paying respect to Prof. Joseph Mundassery, the Honourable Minister for Education in the first Kerala Government, for the visionary decision in commencing separate course for Bharatanatyam under the Government Department and to Appan Thampuran, the then Director of Education, for the enthusiastic follow up action in carrying out the decision of the Government. The service story of Vilasini Teacher starts from this point.

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  1. A well deserving tribute to a pioneer who inculcated a good standard of Naatyam in Kerala. Kudos to Vilasini.