Sunday, 29 May 2022

Bolly Natyam; Solo Satyam - Dance Matters: Column by Ashish Mohan Khokar

Only a culturally rich and quaint university town in a royal setting like Baroda could have a Bolly Natyam school or class. Gujus are the ultimate mix-n-match folks, with enthu genes. Much like the Punj of Delhi (that’s v. v. different than real Punjabis of Punjab), Gujus of especially happening twin cities Baroda/Ahmedabad dance to their own tune. Going in circles comes naturally to these garba-DNA folks but making a success shop of anything they touch is also an important attribute.

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  2. Read your article... Very well narrated... specially the 3rd May event.just wonder how u get to sit-down for writing such absorbing articles one after the other.. .. It is time u compile them all in tge form Of a book, and keep that in museum that u have built some well...

  3. Ashish's circuitous writings apart on an event wonderfully put together by Laxminarayan Jena, I am amazed at the ability of the artist to line up 500 dancers of various Naatya forms , that too in a short span of five days. Kudos to the creator, but also I wonder whether they are all properly & professionally remunerated ?? why should this be called Bolly Naatya ?

  4. Everything now is about being fast, flashy and furious. It is tiring to watch for long too!

    I like your term brahma gyaanis😅

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  6. Kousalya Nivaas30 May 2022 at 11:56

    Good article. But it would be great if you would have mentioned the guru names who have been behind this. Yes it is bolly natyam where free style was given lots of importance than the indian classial.