Monday, 9 May 2022

Interview - Sangita Chatterjee on working with a Bharatanatyam mentor - Shveta Arora

"When you are alone choreographing something, you want a second eye to see what is not going right," says Sangita Chatterjee on working with a Bharatanatyam mentor. Sangita Chatterjee is a Kathak dancer, choreographer and teacher whom I have been watching with interest for many years. She has learnt Kathak from Guru Vaswati Misra but has developed a distinct dance identity marked by conceptual richness and intellectual exploration in her presentations. She has also organized events through her dance and arts company, Kalpataru Arts.

She recently choreographed and performed a piece for Pratiroop, an online dance event organized by Divya Warier. Pratiroop paired an established dancer in one dance form as a mentee with a guru from another dance form as a mentor, and asked them to come up with a short, fresh piece for digital broadcasting. Sangita was paired with Bharatanatyam guru Rama Vaidyanathan and presented a thought-provoking piece called Manthani. I spoke to her about it afterwards and also discussed performing for the camera as compared with performing for a physical audience.

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