Thursday 25 November 2021

Interview - An imaginary interview with Guru Gopinath - Part 5 - Tapati Chowdhurie

Was your program at Kavadiar School a success?

At the end of our performance, the Maharaja and Maharani came to congratulate and praise us for our presentation. He wanted to know our next plan. When I expressed my desire to stay on in Thiruvananthapuram with his grace, he promised to do the needful. He wanted us to request the chief secretary of the palace for a scheme to start a school and that was an indication to the success of our program. We laid the foundation stone of our school. G.P. Shekhar and I chose to name the new school 'Sri Chitrodaya Nartakalayam.' We then prepared a plan in English for its running. It was naturally going to be run under the guardianship of the palace administrator and presented it to the chief secretary Dr. Kunjan Pillai. He replied that he would inform the palace (Kottaram in Malayalam) and get back to us. Shekhar did not expect a reply before ten days.

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