Thursday, 26 March 2020

'Zindagi milke bitayenge, hal-e-dil gaa ke sunayenge': Antakshari and dance memories in the times of Corona - Soch: Column by Dr. Arshiya Sethi

As we are almost all homebound by the need for social distancing and further curtailed by extreme social distancing, social media is buzzing with ideas on how to spend this time. Trevor Noah uses this time to do a version of his hugely popular Daily Show, which he calls "The Daily Social Distancing Show". Priyanka Chopa and Nick Jonas along with other Hollywood/Bollywood couples feed us with a stream of sweet videos of positive messages and pictures and details of how they are spending their time. The virus has been a great equaliser, for star and fans are often doing the same thing.

Very popular on both sides of the celebrity divide are experiments in cooking. Some pair the cooking with experiments in drinking. Online Solitaire, Candy Crush, Sudoku and Contract Bridge on the laptop are flourishing. Some serious minded students and some older but eternal students are looking for online courses they could enrol in. Both celebrity and ordinary, if we are to believe Kriti Sanon, are cleaning up their rooms and cupboards!

In the glut of options, a fresh idea came from the Union Minister for Women and Child Development, GOI, Smriti Irani. Ms. Irani is rather active on social media, and has an impressive list of followers. She invited all followers on her Twitter account to play 'Twitter Antakshari' with her, and urged them to tweet a line of a song that they like, to get the game going. By all accounts it is a great idea and a really happy way to keep both community and fun alive. But her effort went beyond that and became an effective medium for forwarding the anti Corona message.

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  1. Do cover Fearless Nadia, I thought SHE was the first queen of Indian dance films....

  2. What a treasure of information on the dance scene specially in films!Being from Cuckoo generation it was wonderful to know how dancers have defied boundaries in race, geography and culture to enrich the dance history in films-reaching the audiences of all hues,colour even crossing International boundaries. Keep it up and enrich us with these quality information. P. Mohanty Hejmadi