Saturday 14 March 2020

Prism - Gat Palta as a Kakshya Vibhajan tool in Kathak - Sunil Sunkara

This essay looks from a 21st CE perspective, the principles of Kakshya Vibhajan as given by Bharata in the Natyashastra, while also trying to identify the principles which trickled into Kathak. The journey of both theatre and dance go hand in hand with the evolution and transformation of the stage - from Bharata's natyamandapam, to the Kathakaars dancing in the chaupal to the modern day auditoriums and stadiums. Through all of this an interesting element that is a unique feature of Kathak is the Gat Palta, which made its way into the Kathak intra-forms approximately 200 years ago, became mainstream during the mid 19th CE and is a versatile element in today's proscenium Kathak. Recently, Dr. Vibha Dadheech published her unique research on 'Gat Nikas' which documented the history, features and uses of the 'Gat Palta'. This essay looks at the 'Gat Palta' from the standpoint of Bharata's Kakshya Vibhajan.

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  1. Well done Sunil.Simple & easy to grasp.Points are well elucidated.Best of luck