Sunday 1 March 2020

Anita says...March 2020

Artists are the timekeepers of humanity
How else will we know about the civilisations that came before us?
So fret not
We will still be here, working,
When the tides shift and you’re nowhere to be found
Except in the list of history’s tyrants
Good luck trying to erase us
- Boston based dance artiste Mesma Belsare in response to US President Trump’s attempt to disband the National Endowment of the Arts.

I write this from Melbourne, Australia where images of horrifying violence from New Delhi streets are flooding Facebook and Twitter. Again I ask myself, what is the purpose of art at times of extreme stress? Still we continue… hope seems distant but we continue...

So.... did Cupid’s arrows strike last month? Did anyone feel the flutter or renew their vows? SRINGARA RASA makes the world go round they say but during these times of global anxiety, what we need is a new avatar of Cupid/Manmada. That naked cherub and the marauding Kama-terrorist is too banal for these cynical times of diverse loving. Today, love needs VALIUM and XANAX. And also an expiry date!

How many danced in the NATYANJALI circuit in Tamilnadu? How many allowed themselves to be hypnotised by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev as he executed his ‘Trance Dance” on Sivaratri at his ISHA YOGA ASHRAM near Coimbatore?

And how about the gorgeous venue of the Khajuraho dance festival? How many got to show off against the beautiful backdrops?

How many of you marched and danced on the streets during Mardi Gras parades in cities around the world? Did you throw caution to the winds and abandon yourselves to the DIONYSIAN spirit?
And how many Desis will prepare to dance in duplicate copies of Rio’s CARNIVAL which is dotting several Indian cities this year?

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