Wednesday 18 September 2019

Obit/Tribute - A tribute to Kathak dancer Veeru Krishna - Vijay Shanker

Veteran Kathak dancer and mentor Veeru Krishna Tiwari died on September 7, 2019 in Santa Cruz in Mumbai due to age related illness. Although Veeru could not rise as a Kathak dancer, he made a name for himself as a mentor and as an actor too in Bollywood films. He was in his 70s and leaves behind his family.

As a young boy from Madhya Pradesh, Veeru ran away from his hometown and arrived in the city of dreams, Mumbai. He ran away as he was unable to bear the exploitation and nobody really understood his passion for dancing. As a young good looking boy blessed with soft features, Veeru started as a dancer in 'Londa nach' (boys disguised as female dancers) which was quite prevalent in social circles in northern India wherein young boys would dress as females in order to entertain wealthy people; many at times would be mentally and physically exploited too. Against all adversity, Veeru somehow started to survive in Mumbai.

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