Thursday 28 March 2019

April Phool - Dance Matters: Column by Ashish Mohan Khokar

Phool in Hindi means flowers and if this spring was to go by, what an abundant spring! Flowers everywhere. They give joy, don't talk back, remain neutral and nice and unless broken, last for long. However, giving flowers at functions, especially dance functions, is painful to both the flowers and the recipient. They wilt in the heat as these are wrapped in plastic and brought to the hall often many hours before the event; they lie limp and by the time these are given to the performer or the dignitary, these are in coma if not dead! Like most things Indian, we just do, without thinking much.

Why not for same money buy a book and gift? Or a music CD? Or dry fruits? What is good and applies to flowers applies to those shining, cheap shawls too. Never to be worn again, what use are these shawls but token of respect shown? One can't even make curtains out of it as not long enough and besides, shining glare hits the eye. Doormats? But that is showing disrespect to the giver, even if given out of tokenism. So again, gift a book, a CD or dry fruits. Please remember this next time you as an organizer or dancer, or both as is often the case nowadays, do this. 

So March brought many interesting ideas and events to fore. I chose a few to show how dance matters in society or can. 

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  1. Privileged to be the student of Guru Poornima Gururaja and through her collaborations, have had the oppurtunity to interact with scholars like Anupama Kylash ma'am, Vidya Rao ma'am and Karuna Vijayendra ma'am.

  2. Completely agree with you Ashish ji,on the flowers wrapped up in plastic and the shiny shawls. We totally stopped using it many years ago and started giving saplings and dry fruits instead.

  3. superb Ashishji, taking this Nation forward culturally as well as a most practical 21st centurian , and the collection you gave to INGNCA , unparalleled daan to the Nation's ...