Wednesday 20 February 2019

Book Review - Bharathanrithyam with a new focus - Dr.Nita Vidyarthi

The 128 pager gets straight down to charting how to focus on the credibility of the name 'Bharatanatyam' with attention to 'untold' and 'uncontemplated slips' and moves process of dance subjects. The work attempts basically to coin the term Bharatanrityam instead of the earlier name Bharatanatyam and subsequently Bharatanatyam, interpolating technically the name and content of the latter. The preface by her mentions that "sustenance of rudimentary entity and continued research," authenticates the work to coin the term 'Bharatanrityam.' Dispersal of the term Bharatanatyam and justification of Bharatanrityam is the running thread of the book.

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