Thursday 21 February 2019

Article - Social Media and Dance - Archis Abhay Kulkarni

(First winner in the junior category in the ‘Nrutya Shabda’ essay writing competition conducted by Neha Muthiyan’s Loud Applause and Swarada Dhekane’s Samvaad blog) 

Just yesterday, I was browsing on YOU TUBE, when one video caught my attention. It included a “Bharatanatyam Fusion Dance” on the famous pop song “The Shape of You”. When I glanced to check the number of views, lo and behold – One Million!! And surprisingly the views included not only Bharatanatyam learners or lovers, but people from diverse fields across different states and countries! This got me thinking on how wide and crucial the impact of social media is on various facets of dance including of course, the Indian classical dance. 

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