Wednesday 20 February 2019

Article - Guru Shishya Parampara and today's Pedagogy of Dance - Charanya Gurusathya

(Second winner in the senior category in the 'Nrutya Shabda' essay writing competition conducted by Neha Muthiyan's Loud Applause and Swarada Dhekane's Samvaad blog) 

Restoring Indian tradition and culture 
Indian traditional dance styles are more than two thousand years old and there arises the need to create awareness and interest in the minds of younger generation, so that they are able to enjoy classical dance learning and performances in the real sense of the term keeping our age old tradition and culture intact. 

The perception of guru-shishya has endured despite all the contemporary methods adapted in dance pedagogy in India. The modern guru-shishya relationship is an intermingling of the traditional gurukul system and the modern teacher-student relationship. It is constantly changing by inventing new methods of teaching, innovative choreographies, differently interpreting our mythological stories but tries to maintain the hierarchy and unquestioning respect that existed in the traditional gurukul system. The modern guru-shishya trend is yet to find its balance in the space between tradition and modernity that Indian dance is currently undergoing. 

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  1. Wonderful work Charanya Gurusathya...... Would love read about more such methodology of teaching and other innovative work....

  2. Very beautiful write up Charanya! The article describes so much in detail about the gurukul way of learning art from their Gurus!
    Would really hope the tradition is restored!

  3. Beautiful write up there is lot to learn for the present generation from there gurus this article will enlighten the gurus as well as students