Sunday 7 January 2018

Good ideas of Natya Darshan needed more respect for the clock - Taalam: column by Leela Venkataraman

Titled assertively Now or Never - Pay and be Paid, Natya Darshan, the annual dance seminar / initiative of Kartik Fine Arts started in 2001, and curated this year by architect/designer/dancer Krithika Subrahmanian, had the objective of making Dance approachable, and the classical art form accessible to youth from other a real option for intelligent entertainment....achieved by creating platforms for designers, writers, poets, technicians and students in allied areas (to enter) the fray in events and feel like stakeholders in the revival of interest... . An ambitious target indeed and while dancers must insist on being paid, ticketing even the morning seminar sessions resulted in a pitiful few attending the daytime proceedings. Students who would have benefited from these interactions arrived at the venue to reluctantly go back on finding the event priced out of their reach. Spreading any message should start by involving the young. 

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