Thursday, 4 January 2018

3rd edition of Shishir Chhanda Dance Festival - Footloose and fancy free with Dr. Sunil Kothari

Former Ambassador of Argentina and Director General of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Mr. Amarendranath Khatua in his opening remarks during the first day of Shishir Chhanda Dance Festival of Odissi exponent Sarita Mishra’s Adyasha Foundation, mentioned that more than 8 and half lakh population of Bangalore are from Odisha. Indeed it was a matter of great pride that they have during past fifteen years supported the Odissi dancers in the city, encouraging them to establish their dance institutions and train young dancers in Odissi. 

He also complimented the Kannadiga community for their catholic attitude to accept Odissi dance form, some of them learning it with devotion. It speaks volumes of their broadmindedness and genuine love for the performing arts.  Besides Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Yakshagana, Kathakali, the popularity of Odissi in Bangalore has been very heartening. Few years ago only one or two Odissi dancers had ventured to establish an institution to teach Odissi and perform it. Today, more than eight Odissi dance institutions are in Bangalore, including Adyasha. 

Like her other contemporaries, when Sarita Mishra settled in Bangalore and decided to start teaching Odissi, she found the response very encouraging. In particular, the established senior exponents and gurus, whomever she approached, encouraged her and she started an institution in Koramangala where she stays and also opened a branch in J P Nagar. When she organized the first edition presenting her students and also inviting senior Odissi exponents and Gurus from Odisha, she found the response overwhelming. Today, Odissi has become a popular dance form in Bangalore. 

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