Thursday 11 April 2013

Sankardev Utsav: a tribute - Dr. Sunil Kothari

Under the aegis of Pratishruti Foundation, Sattriya dancer Prateesha organized Sankardev Utsav, inviting monks led by Adhyapaka Tankeswar Barabayan from original Kamalabari Sattra from Majuli Island, Assam, now shifted to Titabar, near Jorhat, after the floods in Brahmaputra River in mid seventies. 
Though Sattriya dances have been recognized as the eighth classical dance form of India in the year 2000, precious little is known about this dance form in major metropolitan cities, barring the Capital. Fortunately for Mumbaikars, in Prateesha Suresh (Saikia), they have a crusader, who is determined to popularize Sattriya dances by presentations, lec-dems, performances, seminars, collaborating with other leading dancers of Mumbai and bring Sattriya, the classical dance heritage of Assam, within the fold of performing arts in Mumbai.

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