Sunday 21 April 2013

Book Review - Noopuraagama- 1st Dance Research Journal of India - Vaishnavi

In the present scenario of art research field, bringing out a research journal is understood to be of absolute necessity. In this regard, there is neither any documentation nor internationally registered magazines with media and academic background, to publish the opinions of researchers, or publish their writings. Research papers presented on any special occasion or seminar, if not published in a journal, will not be of any value. For many years the art field has been facing the dearth for a research journal which can give a standard quality, and act as a guiding element for further healthy research. Realizing this lacuna, the Noopura Bhramari Dance Researchers’ Forum has come up with a dedicated endeavor of commitment towards search-research work which gives support and inspiration to the interested research group.  Hence, the Noopura Bhramari Dance Researchers’ Forum comprising of resource persons, experts in the field of education and media has brought out a Registered Annual research Journal with ISSN No. exclusively for researches. 

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