Monday 6 May 2024

Pug ghungroo bandh in Pune - Dance Matters: Column by Ashish Mohan Khokar

Pune is a unique city for dance. It is like Madras. Near perfect. People in dance field are pucca about their work, professional in attitude and perfect in interpersonal skills. They don't go overboard with emotion like North India or go ballistic, as in East!

For 20 years now, one has been going to that city. First, as the national director of America based Ngo in cultural education called the AFS. We helped start the Pune chapter and also steered it for three years. It was the most differently abled chapter in AFS network. Parents were demanding and kids were nicer! Well behaved, disciplined and kept to the course. That was 2004/5. A full 20 years ago. It was so nice to meet one such alumnus of AFS Yes program Valerie Apte, who was compering the Anuvedh festival on occasion of the World Dance Day celebrated with pomp and show by one of the biggest Kathak dance centres of Pune called Maneesha Nrityalaya.

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  1. Amazingly captured the pune dance scenario!!!

  2. A Review with micro lense.Worth preserving for all the informations that it provides.
    -Shila Mehta

  3. Very interesting and well written article on Pune’s dance culture.