Wednesday 1 May 2024

Anita says...May 2024

"Dance disappears almost at the moment of its manifestation. It is an extreme expression of the present, a perfect metaphor for life. Dancers sculpt space in real time, working inside a form that is constantly in a state of vanishing. We have no artifacts. I find it strangely beautiful to be creating something that is made of us - made of our breath and blood and bones and minds. Something that is made of the space we occupy and made of the space between us. We embody both the dance and its disappearance."
- Crystal Pite, Canadian dancer & choreographer

A very special Hello to May born dreamers and achievers! This is our month! Well... I am born in this month and so it is my favourite time of the year. May is also the birth month of so many, many creative people - singers, dancers, composers, painters - May is the month when Taurus - the stubborn, loyal, imaginative and sensorial pleasure loving bull collides with the cerebral, quick thinking, restless Gemini twins - what a combination... and for me - born on the CUSP of both months - it means there is a whole lot of stuff going on inside!

There is also lots to talk about in the world of dance and the current spectacle of India's national elections and the vociferous protests going on in US campuses. Both countries look like bristling performance art when viewed from the outside!  

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  1. A very illuminating and enriching piece of writing.

  2. "If only Lakshmi had taught more students and shared her precious art learned from hereditary masters with a larger student base!"
    This sentence actually re-kindled my long unanswered question: Why are the "performing dancers" not able to produce next generation of performers/artists? Majority the current performing dancers have emerged from "Non-performing teachers".