Thursday 17 August 2023

Interview - Sujatha Srinivasan on 'Samayam - A moment in eternity' - Dr. Ganga Lakshmi Srinivas

Embarking on her ongoing exploration of abstract themes, Guru Sujatha Srinivasan once again interweaves Vedic concepts with contemporary realities in the long-awaited production of 'Samayam - A Moment in Eternity.' This captivating performance, delayed due to the pandemic, graces the Gordon Square Theatre in Cleveland's vibrant Gordon Square Art district in early May. Shri Kalaa Mandir-Center for Indian Performing Arts was poised to present this production as a double bill with Morrison Dance in April 2020, becoming an early casualty of the pandemic response. Cleveland Public Theatre responded by featuring several dance troupes to reignite public engagement through its DanceWorks series of weekend shows.

Exploring the concept of Time, Sujatha and her daughter Shriya ingeniously employ adavus' symmetry and the concept of kaalam to depict the second, minute, and hour hands of a clock. Sujatha shares insights about this intriguing production.

Why the theme of Time?
The idea of exploring Time has lingered since the 1990s, given its immense relevance to our daily lives. My initial vision was to illuminate the activities unfolding between sunrise and sunset. Over time, this concept evolved into a broader exploration. In this production, I aimed to portray the passage of time as perceived by individuals based on their emotional states or circumstances. It was crucial for the audience to connect with this concept. Time exerts a profound influence on our lives. Juggling commitments, moving at a frenzied pace, we often sense its scarcity. Moments of existential reflection frequently arise from the ticking of time. Indeed, change remains constant, and our challenge is to embrace the present.

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