Tuesday 1 August 2023

Anita says...August 2023

 "Truly great dance can be a window to the heart and soul, revealing our deepest selves and giving forms to memories and dreams."

- Judith Jamison
Former Principal dancer, Alvin Ailey Dance Company

It's August and time for the annual reflection and marking of yet another India Independence Day.
76 years after that fateful moment, there is much churning and tumult in this nation's tapestry.
Amidst the tumult, cheering, jeering, hooting and applauding, there is much to be hopeful about. And much to ponder as well.

As young best-selling author of Indic myths Satyarth Nayak said in his latest talk about his book MAHAGATHA, "Ancient India reveals that society was about a million shades of grey - not absolute black and white. Our ancestors spoke about how even the Gods were not above punishment and atonement. Arguments were prolific and the idea of Debate - Vivaad was essential - unlike the binary polarisations we see today."

Today we are assaulted with a million voices claiming, "My way or the highway!" Yet, there are so many wonderful moments of creative expressions being birthed and shared in India and beyond. Imagination, thought, inspiration, intention, wisdom - it is everywhere and artistes continue to be the keepers of hope and buoyancy for the people.

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