Wednesday 15 March 2023

Article - Note to Myself - VP Dhananjayan

'Note to Myself' is a YouTube portal produced by Museum of Performing Arts (MOPA)

directed and produced by Savita Narasimhan with large international viewership. If you have not seen this, I recommend everyone to see and get to know musicians and dancers through their own self note.

During the pandemic - between 2020 and 2022 - every artiste engaged themselves in creative endeavours. Some were blown big and some blown out of proportion. Some got good attention among the art connoisseurs and some went obscure, swept under the carpet.

The two major ventures Bharata Kalanjali launched during the vacuum period, I should confess did not get much attention or exposure, even though they were on air for international online viewing. The local audience was least bothered to know what was brewing in Bharata Kalanjali. We also could not explore the possibilities of putting up stage performances for the discerning connoisseur audience of Chennai with adequate publicity.

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