Tuesday 16 August 2022

Interview - Anita Ratnam on 30 years of Narthaki - Shveta Arora

Narthaki.com, the beloved e-magazine in the world of Indian classical dance, celebrates 30 years in 2022. Its founder, Anita R. Ratnam, was interviewed about it by actress and dancer Padmapriya at a session in Natya Vriksha’s World Dance Day celebrations in Delhi this year. In a film screened at the start of the session, Anita described how Narthaki came to be. In 1990, she was a TV producer of Indian content in New York, and was contacted by the American Broadcasting Company. They were doing a series of stories on India and needed the phone number of leading Bharatanatyam exponent Yamini Krishnamurthy. But no one in the Indian embassy had the number, so they approached Anita, who was running the Bombay Broadcasting Company there. Anita called her aunt in Delhi and procured the number within 24 hours, but it struck her that there was no cataloguing of classical dancers’ numbers.

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