Thursday 7 July 2022

Book Review - Bharatanatyam Workbook 1 - Lavanyaa Surrender

SERIES: Listen. Read. Choreograph

TITLE: Bharatanatyam Workbook 1
AUTHOR: Dr. Pranitha J Kamat (
YEAR: 2020
PUBLISHER: Vedathek Publishing House, Bangalore, India
ISBN: 978-81-9467-750-5

The 'Bharatanatyam Workbook 1' from the 'Listen. Read. Choreograph' series by Natya Chittra is an A5 sized book with black and white pages. The crisp foreword highlighting the importance and advantages of the concept in the book is written by Acharya V.P. Dhananjayan. The introductory sheets are short texts on the purpose, how to use, scope and limitations of the workbook. Before diving into the workbook, the author gives an illustration on how to use the book, a chart referring to transliteration of the terminologies used and also an adavu guide that briefly summarizes all the Bharatanatyam adavus.

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